So this is my spin on the Rags to Riches Challenge by JC<3ME.

If it’s not obvious, this is a Sims 3 blog and nothing here is real.

Here are the rules I’m playing by (lightly modified):

Objective: Build a billionaire legacy starting with nothing but the clothes on your back.

There are two win conditions:
The first is to have a home with a furnished value of $500,000.
The second win condition is to have 99.5 million in your possession.

– Your founder and heirs may be either male or female. (I chose female heirs.)

– No cheats. Build cheats are allowed though.

– Mods acceptable, but should not conflict with the intent behind the rules.

– Set your game to normal lifespan. You may adjust age sliders, but they must equal out to 90 days. Once set, they cannot be changed.

Baby – 2 days
Toddler – 4 days
Child – 6 days
Teen – 21 days
Young Adult – 28 days
Adult – 28 days
Elder – 2 days

– You may use lifetime aspiration points any way you wish, however the “No Bills Ever” reward is off limits.

– The “Inheritance” aspiration point reward is off limits until the 3rd generation, and then restricted to one use per generation thereafter.

– The “Young Again Potion” aspiration point reward may only be used ONCE in the entire challenge.

– No travelling until you have $50,000.

– Once an heir reaches the YA stage, they become the main character and you can no longer assist the previous generation toward promotions.

– You may move as you see fit. Your founding generation must build their home, and if a succeeding generation builds a home, it must meet the minimum specs before sims can use it. Founding generation must start on an empty lot.

– No triggering age transitions until the counter reaches “0”.

– No celebrity status until you have $1 million net worth. If you become a celebrity by accident, you may not sell items received but may use them in your home.

– No Vampirism.

– You may have “spares”.

– You may use cats or dogs to make money. (Hunting skill)

– If you buy out full ownership of venues, you may add the “sell” value of the lot to your net worth manually.

– Spares must move out when either they, or the heir reach career level 7.

– Siblings must be moved out into a completed home.

– Elder sims must retire, and if that option is not available, then they must quit working.

– Your founder starts as a teen.

– When you start, pick ANY empty lot to move your founder onto. Remember it’s purchase price and after you purchase it, set your family funds to “0”.  The bigger your starting lot size, the bigger your bragging rights if you accomplish this in 20 generations or less.

– Now you quite literally have nothing but the clothes on your back. You must now begin to find ways to make money while remaining unemployed. Go fishing, harvest plants (but don’t garden/plant on your lot yet!), or do whatever you can think of to make money and fill your needs. The reason for remaining unemployed, is that in the real world, you need an address to get a job. You can’t play the game with a sim that is truly homeless, starting on an empty lot is as close as we can get.

– Here’s why you need to know the purchase price of your lot- you’re going to pay the computer back. Your sim starts with money they didn’t earn, kinda like a loan, or a mortgage- whatever. Before you start building on your lot, you must pay all of this money back. (I used the banking mod to give myself a loan in the amount of the lot price, then setfamilyfunds to 0.)

-You may purchase any objects and place them on your lot for use before you repay the computer, and before your home is fully built, unless those objects require a wall for placement.

– Once you have a home built to specifications below, your founder may then get a part time job, and your founder is now allowed to garden.

– The spouse of your founder cannot be employed officially. Spouses of all successive generations may have any job.

– Members of the second and all successive generation may have normal jobs- including professions if you so desire.

Here are the minimum specs for every home you build:
– 2 room minimum, one to use as a bathroom/latrine.
– 1 toilet
– 1 shower or tub
– 1 sink
– 1 counter
– 1 window per room (exceptions apply to interior rooms and basements where having a window wouldn’t make sense.)
– 1 light per room
– complete floor coverage
– complete interior and exterior wall coverage
– roof
– All rooms must be fully enclosed such as a bathroom. Open floor plans permissible, such as a kitchen/dining room combo.
– Ceiling tiles are optional

Each additional room must have complete floor, complete wall coverings inside and out, 1 window (except for where it wouldn’t make sense), 1 light, and be completely covered by the roof before you can grant your sims access to it. Again, it seems easiest to manage access by holding off on the purchase of a door.